Message From Our Chairperson

I'm Dianne O’Brien, Chairperson of Mingaletta Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Corporation.

I have been running Mingaletta on a voluntary basis for a number of years with the support of our many dedicated volunteers.

Mingaletta is the only Aboriginal community hub based in the Umina/Woy Woy area of the Central Coast.

I dedicate my time to Mingaletta because I am passionate about ensuring that all local Aboriginals have a meeting place where they can be part of a community and can celebrate our culture.  I also want the local Aboriginal community to have access to a range of activities, programs and services including health and welfare programs to enhance their well being.

It is my vision to raise up the next generation of young Aboriginal leaders who appreciate their culture and traditions and inspire them to take ownership of Mingaletta in the future, building on the work completed by the generations before.

I will continue to invest my time and energy into Mingaletta for the benefit of its members and the local community.

Dianne O’Brien

Our Mission and Goals

Mingaletta strives to improve the health, well being and future prospects of the local Aboriginal population by providing a meeting place, social support hub and advocacy services for cultural programs, youth engagement, health awareness and community dialogue.

Mingaletta has the following mission statement:

We aim for our members and families to have improved quality of life, access to education, to embrace their heritage and culture and to be respected as an integral part of the community.

Our goals at Mingaletta are:

For our Children - to provide education through the AEG Committee.

  • For our Members –  to provide a range of health, welfare and self-sufficiency programs.

  • For the broader Community - to encourage awareness and appreciation of our cultural background and importance in our community.

In addition, Mingaletta provides youth and family support, especially to people who are homeless, displaced or at risk of family breakdown.  When necessary such cases are referred to varying support services who in turn work closely with welfare, mental health and reconciliation groups.

Our Story and Logo

Mingaletta is a powerful and spiritual corporation with members who have travelled from all over the country to come together in this meeting place and make their homes on the Woy Woy Peninsula on the Central Coast of NSW.

Mingaletta logo: The logo of our organisation was created by a local Aboriginal woman, Annette Kennedy, and it has a story to tell. 

Our logo is titled "Pride in Our Community"

Layer 1 (Black)
Depicts the spirits of our ancestors looking down on us in sadness, struggling to become a cohesive, unified community.

Layer 2 (Red)
Depicts the struggles of those Aboriginal people who strove to create Mingaletta.

Layer 3 (Centre)
Depicts the approval of a peaceful, cohesive and unified community, joined as one to support Mingaletta.

The small black dots surrounding the centre represent the Aboriginal people of the Peninsula, supporting the backbone of Mingaletta; i.e. the Office Bearers and Volunteers who are sitting around the decision making table.

The logo starts from the red inner circle. 
Layers 2 and 3 complete the Mingaletta logo.

If you stand back and look closely you will see many faces in the first layer (goongy) looking over and protecting the Peninsula Aboriginal Community.

Mingaletta schedule

Call us: 4342 7515

Visit us:

6 Sydney Avenue

Umina Beach NSW 2257

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Mingaletta schedule